Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Shame on Me, and Networking to Stay Healthy

Shame on me!

I haven't written in almost two weeks..And of course, I have an excuse.

Lately it seems like everything surrounding me is a negative. I'm getting cabin fever, and am desperate for warmer weather. All the negative turns me into a complaining, negative nancy. I really don't want that to appear on my blog. I've tried to write posts, and then they turn into something negative, something that is bad, wrong, or just plain old complaining. So I didn't write.

Lately, I've been reading a lot on my friend's blog. He made a goal at the beginning of the year to lose 100 Pounds, intriguingly that is also the name of his blog. First, I have to say that he is one of the most interesting, creative and honest people I know. So I knew that his blog would reflect that. In two months he has created a huge online community supporting him in his efforts-I have no doubt he will succeed in his goal.

His blog also helps me to stay focused on what my health goals are. At times it's hard for me to talk with others about my weight and health goals. The problem is that most of the people I talk to aren't as pro-active in their health as I am, so then I feel as if I'm rubbing it in that I watch what I eat and workout as much as possible but I'm still 'skinny'. I know by the look on their faces that they think I should be able to eat anything I want and not complain about my body. Well, thats not true! Being happy with my body and looking the way I do takes work-and not just for me, but for everybody! By reading the blog 100 Pounds, I'm realizing that I have the same daily struggles as my friend. At the end of the day, I still want to eat that tub of ice cream, just like the next person-whether they are overweight or not! Being able to talk about it on blog comments, or even here helps to take those stereotypes away; on a blog, we are all struggling with the same thing-no matter what our body types.

There is another reason why I feel so inspired by my friend; I've realized that if he can get to the gym every day for 21 days, then so can I (even though I still don't...). And I can push myself to my limits, just like he does. Just like everyone else, I have my days at the gym where I'd rather just 'pretend' that squatting 40 pounds is difficult-even though I should be squatting 90 pounds. I want to be lazy and not have to sweat and breathe so hard I think I'm going to die...But without that 'pain' of pushing my body to the max, I won't see the results I want. Now when I'm on my way to the gym I think about what I'm going to accomplish-and I hold myself to it, for myself.

In the end, I think being able to take the stigmas of body image away from the daily struggles of human temptations helps everyone be the best person they can be. The internet, blogging and networking are able to do so freely and with ease.

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