Thursday, February 4, 2010

Truffles, Winter and Work

Last weekend I went snowboarding in Lutsen, MN. For those of you who do not live in Minnesota, Lutsen is a beautiful place to visit-winter or summer! Plan your next vacation there-It has plenty of resorts, hiking, golfing, camping, take a visit to Grand Marais, shoot down to Duluth. It is well worth it!

While we were there, my super friendly and rambunxtious friend talked with the Sous Chef at one of the restaurants. Thank GOD for this, I tasted one of the most delicious truffles I have ever eaten! I had one that tasted like banana, and another that tasted like raspberry. And don't be fooled-these truffles were not little! The next best part is that these truffles are made from natural and fresh foods! The website is small and still being developed, but I recommend you check it out and order some tasteful treats for yourself and your loved ones here.

I had this huge rant about winter and how much my car sucks... But rants don't help anybody. To put it simply; winter sucks when it's dark out and there is moisture on the roads! Every time I drive my car I think about how awesome it will be when I get my new one this spring! I'm very excited about it, and I'm getting more impatient each day! I even started a countdown; 86 days roughly until the purchase! :)

Being a girl can get a little crazy at times. Especially when I need to find something to wear and I'm on a time crunch-like this morning. I was almost late for work becuase I wasn't happy in anything that I had in my closet. And I also realized that buying more won't make me happy. Sometimes nothing can change my outlook on things-except time. Time changes everything. And hopefully someday I can wear jeans and a relaxed sweater to work!

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