Monday, May 3, 2010

The Sporadic Blogger

I think I should rename my blog to 'The Sporadic Blogger'.  I just have a hard time consistently having something to write about.  Unfortunately, I can't help but think it's because I have no creativity. Well, it isn't that I have absolutely ZERO creativity, it just takes a while for me to get in that 'mood'. 

There are days where I don't usually think about doing something that isn't on my 'list of things to accomplish'.  It's an on-going list and usually when it gets shorter, I find things to fill it back up with.  Lately, though it's been hard.

It's Summer!!!

I had my student recital yesterday-stressful, but mostly successful!  So officially my summer begins!  All that I need to do this summer is buy a car, pay off a small car loan, save money, go running and relax...Plus a bazillion other things that I do enjoy, like cooking/baking, playing my musical instruments and visiting with friends...

Something tells me I won't be doing a whole lot of 'relaxing' this summer. :D

In other news, I'm very close to buying a car.  Finally.

But on to my real reason for posting.  Politics.

I've been reading a lot of various types of news lately, and I must say I'm very proud that we have Health Care Reform.  So many people told me terrible things about this reform, and for the most part they are/were ill-informed.  As a person who has a 'pre-existing condition', I am glad that if I'm ever in a bind, my rights will be protected when it comes to finding health care (among many other things that will change).

I have been thinking lately about taxes.  So many people seem to complain about them, it's almost like these people forget that taxes run our country, they provide roads, pay for regulation enforcement on things such as food, medicine, products, roads...Taxes also pay for us to be able to get government assistance for medical care (specifically for MN, at least), they provide security to the people.  Taxes are a huge reinforcement of our government's structure! 

Paying taxes is essential to keeping our freedom, yet there are some who think that paying taxes takes away our freedom.  But I must argue that while taxes can be a big chunk of your yearly 'bills', it provides a big chunk of your way of life.  Imagine having to drive on this to get to work because the government doesn't provide infrastructure development..

That would be miserable! Or think of not being able to afford to send your kids to a private school, and there was no public school system to turn to!! How would they learn and be able to create a successful life of their own?

Taxes are not always fun and it seems like we pay so much to the government.  And while the argument of wasteful spending can certainly be argued, we all have to accept that taxes provide our ability to succeed and live a comfortable lifestyle! 

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