Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Maybe Life IS Too Much, But At Least I Have My Blog

Most of the time when I write it isn't necessarily a topic that I think about for long.  In fact, most of my 'better' posts were written the moment I thought of them. 

It makes me wonder if all bloggers are the same?  I know that professional bloggers have a more detailed arrangment of how a blog or vlog is created; what the content is and when it is posted.. But to me, writing isn't about planning, it's about spontaneity (I spelled it right on the first attempt!).  I can't sit down and compose a piece of writing without have some sort of emotional drive to write it-which means I can't start a piece of writing and then come back to it later..

Many times I'll read Penelope Trunk's Blog, and I just don't believe that she has an editor.  So much of what she writes sounds like it came off the top of her head and without a second thought she posted it-this might have something to do with her content, it can get a little 'crazy'.  But there are other posts she has regarding 'advice'; her How to Blog category of content is almost silly to read through.  I don't feel a great writer can be created-I don't think anyone can read that advice and have a successful blog.  But I do believe that people will try. 

I think this all comes down to talent-passion-focus-desire.  These four elements of a person's personality always seem to follow the successful and people who are happy in their life.  I've already discovered that I need to do something that I'm passionate in my life in order to fully enjoy it.  Usually, what you are passionate about is what you have talent for.  When you have passion and talent in something that you do, it sparks a desire to have the focus to succeed.  Therefore, you feel fulfilled and that leads you to feeling happy. 

Of course nothing ever goes perfectly, or as planned.  But knowign that life only takes 4 simple elements, makes getting out of bed when my internal clock hasn't caught up to daylight savings a lot easier.

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